Earth Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 1, February 2018

  • Hydrology and Eutrophication State of Sassandra River Estuary in Ivory Coast (Gulf of Guinea)

    Kouadio Guy Richard N’dri, Kouame Loukou Nicolas, Monde Sylvain

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1-1, February 2018
    Pages: 1-10
    Received: 21 November 2017
    Accepted: 25 January 2018
    Published: 28 March 2018
    DOI: 10.11648/
    This article belongs to the Special Issue Scientific Advances for Climate Recovery
    Abstract: Variations in the physico-chemical and chemical parameters of the Sassandra estuarine zone are greatly influenced by the dynamics of the Sassandra River. The waters are heavily loaded during periods of flood. Salinity is very low or zero during the flood and increases slightly to 0.1 to 2.93‰ in the dry season. The values of physico-chemical parame... Show More